Special Court Appearance

Special Court Appearance is a legal firm that provides court appearance services throughout California. We are an established network of attorneys that will save you time and resources by covering hearings when you can not. Whatever the reason is for your inability to attend a hearing or a deposition, call us and we will do it on your behalf.  Be confident that our qualified attorneys can handle the matter in a very professional and reliable manner

Special Court Appearance understands that every appearance is unique and requires specific attention. Our dedicated approach to customer service and high standards of excellence make you feel as if you personally attended the hearing.


  • At Special Court Appearance, we pride ourselves on providing stellar service at highly competitive prices
  • Charges are at a flat fee basis for most types of appearances. Discounts are provided for multiple appearances


  • We will fax or email you the complete results of the hearing within 24 hours
  • There are no fees for parking, telephone, fax or copies

Special Court Appearance Mission

Special Court Appearance understands that every single appearance is unique and requires specific attention

Our dedicated approach to handling your appearances and high standards of excellence will make you feel as if you personally attended the hearing

Special Court Appearance can handle any type of hearing, whenever and wherever you need throughout the State of California



Call: 818. 232. 3190

My firm has been utilizing Special Court Appearance’s services for years and can’t say enough as to how many times they have come to our rescue. Not only are they reliable, reasonably priced, and provide exceptional legal services, they are super accommodating, even for the last minute surprise appearances that we could not handle. Highly recommend the services should a firm need.

BV Law Group

I have got great peace of mind having an appearance attorney I can count on. Natalya instills confidence in the client, respects my relationship with the client, makes me look good, and comes back with a successful result.

Timothy Nilan, Esq

I have worked with Natalya from Special Court Appearance for many years. The service has always been reliable, timely, professional with outstanding prompt results. I have no reluctance in recommending the service especially when coverage was needed in an emergency or required travel.

Scott Bernstein, Esq

As a firm owned and operated by an Attorney, Special Court Appearance understands the value of competent local counsel
Give our office a call at 818. 232. 3190 and we will be happy to assist you.